Friday, December 4, 2009

Random thoughts ...

Here's a few random tidbits that, individually, are not enough for a bona fide blog entry, but together, will do the job:

Roland's Prayer
My brother in Christ, and fellow Romans 8 Rider, Roland, who works in the construction industry, was recently laid off. During a praise report at our monthly meeting last night, Ro said that after getting laid off, he didn't pray for anything to do with money. Instead, he said he prayed for peace during his time out of work. (I thought that was really cool!) God has definitely answered his prayer, reported Roland, who added that he has been very content, at peace and often smiling. He has received the added blessing of being able to spend a lot of time with his son Jeff. After the meeting, I told Roland I really enjoyed the two days we spent painting at Bob's house, including our conversations, wisecracking and especially, his Three Stooges impersonations.

Today, I spent six hours grinding a cement patio to help my friend Ben. My back was aching, so he offered me a Tylenol, but I declined. Ben, who is in early 60s, and I got into a conversation about our temperamental backs. I told him my back doesn't usually bother me when I'm standing, but mostly after I've been sitting or laying down, especially when I get up in the morning. "I suppose I should buy a new mattress," I told him. Then, without missing a beat, Ben (who used to own a Harley and knows I'm in the market for one) smiled knowingly and said, "But you'd rather buy a Harley."

Moving up
I recently decided I want to get a Big Twin Harley, instead of a Sportster, but if I was going to get a Sporty, there's a cool-looking 1200 Custom that's been for sale locally for about a month. It is customized with a Fat Bob gas tank and bobtail rear fender, which sets it apart from your typical Sportster. When I first spotted it on Craiglist, the owner was asking $5,200. The second time I saw the ad, the asking price was $5,000, and now it's down to $4,800. My friend Pat, who owns a 1995 FXDL, knows I'm looking to buy a Harley. I saw Pat at a meeting Wednesday night, and he gave me the phone number of a guy he knows who is looking to sell a bike. Turns out it is the same bike I've been watching on Craigslist. According to Pat, the bike's owner is selling the bike because he wants to move up to a Big Twin.

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