Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Awfully Quiet Here Lately

I subscribe to eight motorcycle-related blogs and receive updates whenever they add new posts, but in the last few weeks, I've noticed that posting activity seems to have slowed down considerably. There are probably many explanations, but I can only assume the main reason is that in parts of the country that actually have seasons, the weather has been nice enough for enjoyable riding, so you all are doing more riding than blogging. Still, it's getting kinda lonely on here lately ....

Reading other bikers' blogs inspires me to keep trucking on my own blog, and I have to admit that I've been slacking on my end lately. I still have not posted about two big bike events I attended last Saturday and Sunday.

Unfortunately, I can't use the excuse that I've been riding a lot lately, because my riding has been mostly limited to weekends. Life has gotten pretty busy for me these last several weeks, between my work life; working my AA program; being in a relationship; and just trying to juggle the boring yet essential details of daily life, like keeping up with my dishes, laundry, bills and paperwork. Among all these competing demands for my time, blogging has taken a low priority. Yet, it's still something I want to continue, since I enjoy reading about other peoples' riding experiences (where has the Joker been lately?), and I would like to think the same holds true of my experiences.

So, please excuse me while I try to get caught up here.


  1. Ken - I think you were reading my mind. I was just thinking pretty much the same thing, including the fact that I've been remiss in posting anything myself for a while.
    I expect part of it is riding season is finally here as is golf season (both huge demands on my leisure time), but also, in my case at least, work has been really busy for the last couple of months, and after a long day at the keyboard, the thought of blogging (or even coming up with a topic) is somewhat daunting.
    But keep the faith, we'll persevere and the intertubes will start humming again soon.

  2. Brian Burns wrote a good song called "Nothin' to Say", where he said...

    "I don’t make a record if I ain’t got nothin’ to say, hey, I don’t make noise if I can’t think of nothin’ to play."

    I write blogs for a living, and it's a fact that if you want more traffic, you have to write as much as you can. But lately I've put that on the back burner, and focused on what I really want to say. As such, about 2/3 of all the articles I've written for "Motorcycle Philosophy" have never been published because after waiting a day to read them a second time, they sounded dumb.

    So, you can write for quantity, or write for quality. Like you I'd love to read new articles everyday, but I don't want to be the blogger that writes junk.

  3. Yup, I agree with my friend, Steve. I've had a few cool experiences with relation to bikes lately, (Hangin out at the Chopper shop, and fixing a friend's flat) but just didn't feel that the comments I had were insightful enough to publish.
    Additionally, I've been audience issues. Folks at work may read my articles and use them the wrong way, and Christian readers and Non-christian readers relate to different things. I find it hard to be myself while considering what each of those two sets of people might think about what I write. Stymied, I guess.