Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Remarkable Ride

Neither my girlfriend nor I have taken a ride on my Harley (a/k/a Annabelle) in quite some time. In fact, Annabelle was getting dusty sitting in my garage, although that has as much to do with the fact I've been working with drywall as the length of time its been sitting idle. Anyway, all of us were overdue to hit the road.

Anna suggested that we go for a ride after she got home from work Wednesday, so when she pulled into her parking lot, the bike and I were waiting for her.

"Where do you want to go?" I asked.

"Anywhere you take me, baby," Anna replied.

We endured heavy rush-hour traffic in West Warwick before we got to Route 117 in Coventry, where I could settle into a nice, steady, therapeutic 45 m.p.h. cruise. Then we headed north on Route 102, where we navigated several uneven patches of new pavement; I guess the state couldn't afford to repave the whole road. Next, I went east on Route 6. I briefly pulled over near the Scituate/Johnston town line to ask Anna if she wanted to return home the quick way (go south on Interstate 95), or the long way (go through the east bay towns of Rhode Island (Barrington, Warren, Bristol, Middletown and Newport). She chose the long way.

Since it was after 7 p.m. by this time, the highway ride through Providence was actually pleasant due to relatively light traffic. I enjoyed the sweepers on Route 6 before it joined the 6/10 Connector, and the recently-completed highway project in Providence made getting from Interstate 95 to 195 a breeze.

By the time we made a pit stop at the Dunkin Donuts on Route 114 in Barrington, it was dusk. I had worn my clear goggles, since it was cloudy. Despite the cloud cover, though, we were still treated to a beautiful sunset. As I glanced at my rearview mirror, I saw the setting sun causing the clouds to glow orange. We stopped near the beginning of the East Bay Bike Path to watch the sunset over Bristol Harbor. Time seemed to stand still and worries faded away as we marveled at God's glory reflected in nature.

We continued along Route 114, crossing the Mt. Hope Bridge, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the road was newly repaved. I remembered that there was a KFC coming up, and I suddenly had a craving for one of their chicken pot pies, so we stopped for a late dinner.

Now, there were several things about our visit to the KFC in Middletown, R.I. that were remarkable. In medical terminology, the word "remarkable" is used to describe things that are out of the ordinary. Anna, who is a medical assistant, had told me that just yesterday, and for some reason, I felt compelled to mention that in my blog.

First, although it was 8 p.m., this KFC was nearly as busy as lunchtime - I'm only slightly exaggerating.

Second, they were out of several things, including my chicken pot pie. I settled on chicken strips, but I must have gotten the last ones, since I heard the kid behind the counter tell the customers after me that they would have to wait several minutes for them to cook (or heat up? lol) more strips.

Third, Anna had an even more frustrating time ordering. They had no more chicken breasts, and wanted to substitute ONE wing or ONE drumstick. Anna practically had to argue with them to convince them that two wings or drumsticks is a fair swap for a breast. Too funny.

After leaving KFC, we encountered road construction and rough pavement on Route 114 in Middletown, but it was smooth sailing over the Newport and Jamestown bridges, which I usually don't ride over at night.

Back to medical terminology: Unremarkable means the opposite of remarkable; that is, nothing out of the ordinary or usual. For instance, all the road construction we encountered was (for Rhode Island) unremarkable. And, you could say, the sunset, although stunning, was unremarkable, because God routinely blesses us with beautiful sunsets.

However, a KFC running out of chicken, to me, is quite remarkable.

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  1. I think it's remarkable that a KFC that runs out of chicken can stay in business.

    Glad that you folks got out riding anyway!