Sunday, November 29, 2009

Down by the sea

As has been the case lately, Sunday is the only day I have time for a decent ride, and this Sunday was no exception. It was sunny and in the low 50s, about as good as it gets, considering it's almost December, so I took advantage of the weather and hopped on my bike. I saw many other bikers out today, as if they instinctively realized that this would be one of the few semi-pleasant riding days remaining before the snow flies.

It was around noontime and I had a craving for clamcakes and chowder, so I called the three popular clam shacks near the Narragansett beaches. Two places had recordings saying they were closed for the season, but the third, Monahan's, had a recording saying that they would be open this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with all menu items half-price! Excited, I hopped on my bike, got gas, cash and made beeline for Monahan's. I should have known it was too good to be true - the place was closed. Whoever recorded the message didn't list the dates for their final weekend, and the recording had not been updated. Oh well.

I rode past the sea wall, passing two groups of motorcyclists, and up Route 1A, where I stopped for a meatball grinder at Subway. From there, I took the bridge to Jamestown and decided to go to Beavertail Point, a rocky peninsula with a state park and lighthouse. There was a decent number of people sightseeing there, despite the brisk temperature. This time of year, it strikes me how Beavertail can be so desolate and beautiful at the same time.

By the time I rode home, my fingers were half-numb from the cold, so I did a quick-thaw, holding them under warm water. I then treated my bike to an oil and filter change. I don't know if it's just psychological, but the bike seemed to run better and quieter after the oil change.

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