Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Something to look forward to ....

Today I was doing some painting with Roland C., another Romans 8 Rider, and somehow the conversation turned to Daytona Bike Week, a big motorcycle rally in early spring. Roland goes each year, driving his pickup truck, which tows a spacious travel trailer that carries his motorcycle, an Electra Glide Ultra Classic.

Roland usually hosts a guest or two, and this year, he invited me to stay with him and another CMA member, Butch S., at the campground. The epicenter of the rally, Main Street in Daytona Beach, Florida, gets pretty crazy, he said, so they don't spend much time there, but make a lot of side trips, including a day at this place (I forget the details) where anyone with a valid motorcycle license and a helmet can test drive just about any motorcycle currently manufactured.

Just being able to ride in a t-shirt in early March, in 70 to 80-degree weather, is worth the trip to Florida.

Roland said I could drive my van down, with my motorcycle inside. He doesn't recommend riding a motorcycle from Rhode Island to Florida, even with a touring bike, because it's just too taxing.

I'm seriously thinking about taking him up on his offer. I've been laid off for a year, with few prospects of finding a permanent, full-time job anytime soon, so there's a fair chance I'll still be in the same boat come March. Even if I do find a job, I can always tell an employer that I will not be available the first week of March due to a prior commitment.

So, the only issue will be whether I have the money. Time will tell.

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